Development Isle Madame (DIMA)

Contact: Joan Clannon
Phone: 226-1918
Fax: 226-1919

PO Box 57 2575 Hwy 206
Arichat   NS   B0E 1A0

We imagine a prosperous island with a much deeper appreciation of its own strengths: its culture and heritage, its bilingual character, its civility and good humor, its alluring physical environment. It will have a somewhat larger and more diverse population, and a large number of small businesses with solid local roots, commitment to quality and a global perspective.

It will be a community which has a learning culture and in which education for personal satisfaction is as common place as training for a new job or research for a new business venture; a community supportive of its people and its businesses.

In short, it will be very much the island we already know and love, but with a solid economic base and a rich menu of personal and professional options.